ABR Linear Packager

Unmanaged IP networks are not necessarily capable of transmitting high quality video predictably, and available bandwidth varies from user to user.The ability to adapt to changing network conditions is one of many features that make up the Appear ABR Linear Packager. From Ingest, Compression to Packaging, a holistic solution can be designed for complex requirements within the OTT domain. The Appear ABR software runs on industry standard off-the-shelf COTS servers, is encoder vendor agnostic and supports a number of deployment architectures.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming adapts video quality to changing network conditions dynamically, providing optimal user experience according to available bandwidth. If bandwidth is diminished, video quality is reduced without the viewer experiencing repeated buffering issues and interrupted transmissions.

The Appear ABR Linear Packager consists of a powerful video segmentation engine, high-performance storage with internal and external options, just-in-time packager/DRM engine, origin server and optional offline encoding/transcoding. A variety of deployment architectures including edge deployments without CDN is supported. Running on industry standard COTS server hardware, customization according to individual requirements is ensured.

“A space and power-efficient solution with full redundancy, 1st rate standards of performance and exceptional reliability”

Key features include
Support for catch-up TV, nPVR and VOD
H.264 and HEVC compatilble
Flexible JIT packaging of DASH, HLS, MSS and HDS
Pre-integrated with popular DRM vendors
WebVTT/TTML captions for live and VOD
Dolby® multi-channel sound
Encoding vendor agnostic

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