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Appear (


Based in Oslo, Norway, Appear is dedicated to designing and producing world class solutions for the delivery of professional video services. Our mission is to deliver unique products that open up new opportunities for video communication.

Appear works closely with customers to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology while at the same time focusing on user friendliness and ease of operation. Millions of households and corporations around the world receive video and audio signals that have been transmitted via solutions delivered by us.

All employees are dedicated to quality and service and the organization has received industry recognition and awards for its technology leadership, financial performance and international growth.



ATX is a technology leader of Media Access Platforms, connecting smart devices to intelligent networks for the world’s most admired cable, satellite, fixed telecom, wireless and media broadcast service providers.

With more than 7 million products deployed in 75 countries, ATX solutions deliver 2,500 terabytes of mission-critical content every second of every day. Our global, blue-chip customer base includes the largest cable MSOs and satellite operators to the smallest of regional cable operators, large enterprises, broadcasters and telcos, as well as customers in sectors involving hospitality, education, healthcare, sports and entertainment, worship, retail, and government.

An agile, technology-driven company since 1985, ATX has been delivering disruptive, ground-breaking innovation that reduces complexity and optimizes performance for more than 30 years.

AVSystem (


AVSystem automates processes and helps other companies to develop ecosystems of connected devices. We believe that open standards are a key to the future full of incredible inventions and innovations driven by flexible and dynamic technology available for everyone.

Dasan (


DASAN Networks started as the 1st generation venture company in 1993, and became the #1 Network Solution Provider in Korea. It has helped Korea become an IT power house, and is acknowledged globally for the quality of products and services it provides. Since 2000, DASAN has grown constantly while providing advanced network solutions in all parts of the world starting from Japan, and becoming a global company for network solutions. In 2016, DASAN took over Zhone Technology, a NASDAQ-listed communication equipment company, further expediting its globalization. Since the launch of the operating holding company system in April 2015, DASAN has put major emphasis on investment management of major affiliates and related companies, while promoting new businesses in B2C in order to find a driving force for continuous growth in the entire DASAN Group, and creating a synergy between our affiliates.

Dataminer (


DataMiner® is the most advanced end-to-end multi-vendor network management & OSS solution available for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry. The platform offers a plethora of functions including unlimited web access, alarm monitoring, email and SMS notification, long-term trending, professional reporting, advanced automation, intelligent correlation and root cause analysis, service management, real-time SLA monitoring, user-definable key performance indicator dashboards, spectrum monitoring, mobile access, powerful CPE management, inventory and asset management, and much more.

One interface to manage your entire operational ecosystem, across any vendor and technology boundaries, results in a significant reduction of operational expenses and increased quality of service. This award-winning solution is integrated with over 5500 drivers to interface with devices and systems from more than 600 key industry suppliers. It enables end-to-end integration of the most complex technical ecosystems and has been deployed by leading operators around the world.

Once you have integrated your entire operational ecosystem, DataMiner offers you a complete professional environment to manage that ecosystem more efficiently and intelligently than ever before. DataMiner offers a wealth of functionality including unlimited remote web access, fault management, email and SMS notification, performance management, professional reporting, advanced automation, intelligent correlation and root cause analysis, service management, real-time SLA monitoring, user-definable KPI dashboards, spectrum monitoring, mobile access for any smart phone or tablet, powerful CPE management, inventory and asset management and much more.

Datwyler (


We lead the way in innovations for applications such as information and communications technology, energy supply and safety, building automation and lifts. Our systems are standard-compliant, stable and constitute a secure investment on your part. This is all thanks to the years of experience and proven expertise of our engineers and technicians, offering you an incomparable price/performance ratio. Datwyler is a one-stop source of customised solutions for all your specific applications – with all the necessary test certificates, authorisations, certificates and long-term warranties as a matter of course.

Media Links (

Media Links

Media Links solutions have been used to build some of the world’s largest video and media transport networks, including major installations in the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia. For example, Media Links is providing the core media networking technology for Telstra’s next generation digital video network (DVN2) for broadcasting. Telstra is the leading telecommunications and information services company in Australia.

IP-based technology from Media Links has been the backbone of soccer World Cups, winter and summer Olympic events, major US American Football events, Asian Games, and many other high profile global sporting events since 2002. In each case, the Media Links solutions have been used by major broadcasters to transport broadcast signals from these events to destinations around the globe.

VertiGIS (


With deep expertise, innovative solutions, international reach, and a blue-chip customer base, VertiGIS stands out.

We believe our technology is only as good as the people who build and share it. The unique expertise that each team member brings to their work at VertiGIS is translated into the solutions and technology that we offer. Knowledgeable and passionate employees bring powerful and purposeful spatial asset solutions to life.

Located around the world – and with decades of experience in their respective fields – our leaders have the vision, expertise, and dedication it takes to understand and deliver on the needs of our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.