ConnectMaster™ is a standard software solution for the management, planning, engineering, design, documentation and maintenance of infrastructure communications networks. ConnectMaster™ ensures consistent and transparent mapping of the communication network (site level, regional or national), complete with all active and passive communication equipment (Towers, antennas, terminal devices, cabinets, terminal strips, multiplexers, optical and copper cables, switches, routers, etc.), as well as of the fully detailed signal, service, and channel schematics at both Layer 1 and 2 of the OSI stack.


  • Enhanced reporting with centralised data source
  • Easier and more efficient design
  • Reduce Capex and Opex
  • Increased Data Quality and Consistency
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Fault analysis and resolution
  • Network Optimisation
  • Capacity Planning & Threshold reporting

Main Highlights

  • ConnectMaster has an integrated GIS engine called MapXtreme. Click with the info tool anywhere and you will see what assets you have on that exact point. Easily identify locations and equipment on your maps with a push of a button.
  • Google Maps, Bing Maps
  • Tabular View Data can be presented in tables. Connection Sheets make complex wiring and splicing easy to do
  • Automatically create Visio diagrams on the fly. Design your network by dragging component into your canvas
  • Get a geographical network overview with MapInfo MapXtreme GIS integration
  • isio Schematics: floorplans racks schematics, cables overview schematics, cabinet/ panels & multiplexer overview, logical circuits overview, splice overview


Core Modules

  • Physical: ConnectMaster™ strength comes from its sound foundation in Physical Inventory Management. The relational and hierarchical modelling engine that powers ConnectMaster™ makes it the most versatile and easy to configure inventory platform on the market.
  • Logical: ConnectMaster™ is one of the only systems on the market that is a complete all in one solution offering a full suite of Logical Inventory features, which supports the vast majority of common transmission technologies.

Expansion Modules

  • Operational: Event Management & Scheduler, Impact Analysis, Power Management, Field Services Mobile Client
  • Design & Planning: FTTx Rapid Network Planner, Project Management, Drawing Management, Visio Drawing, Auto-Routing & Work Orders
  • GIS: ESRI Shape File Support, GIS, Bing/OSM Mapping, Google Maps, Spatial Database Support
  • Integration: Data Adapters(EOL), API, CSV Importers, DSE’s, Custom Plug-Ins
  • Administration: Terminal Services Support, Extended User Rights, Network Segmentation, History

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