SW Compression for Datacenters

OTT solutions need to be capable of delivering optimal live video on multiple formats, regardless of distribution networks and viewing device. Software datacenter compression is a great way to utilize already existing infrastructure, while optionally deploying part of the infrastructure onto the cloud. The Appear Live OTT Transcoder enables broadcasters and operators to provide high quality multiscreen services through industry off-the-shelf COTS hardware.

H.264 and H.265

High performance H.264 and H.265 encoders make up the core of the Live OTT Transcoder. Services can be transcoded into different H.264 and H.265 profiles, with up to UHD resolutions. Encoding quality levels can be chosen to achieve different quality vs. speed tradeoffs, making it possible to target a large number of different markets. Together with flexible rescaling, deinterlacing, frame-rate conversion and logo-insertion options, all screens become picture perfect.

Transcoded services can be streamed out as key-frame aligned transport streams, to be ingested by the customer’s preferred packager, including Appear’s own ABR storage and packaging solution. Alternatively, HLS segments and playlists can be generated directly, ready to be fed into existing CDN infrastructure.

Key features include
Wide range of image pre-processing options
Dynamic quality control
MPEG TS and HLS output
All common resolution up to UHD
GOP alignment between servers for optimal HW usage
Supports all common audio standards
Centralized Management

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