The all-round, multi-purpose XC chassis addresses the Broadcasting market. With a range of modules it provides all functionality required in a broadcast distribution head-end. It can be delivered as a 1 RU – XC5100, or a 4 RU – XC5000 chassis. Versatile with numerous redundancy options, the XC can be customized according to market segments; Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial, FTTH, Corporate or OTT. The module ecosystem of the 4 RU – XC5000 allows for variations and iterations by mixing and matching down to the core of any broadcasting requirement.

XC – Built for Professional Operators

The Appear product portfolio accommodates a customer’s preferred system architecture while reducing complexity. The XC-series consists of a chassis and building blocks through modules that allow for an entire broadcast system to be designed specifically to meet operator’s individual needs. Our philosophy greatly reduces the cost of ownership and ensures that operators can simultaneously handle legacy challenges and evolve through the introduction of new technology.


Our modules are separated in different categories according to functionality. These include switching, input for content aggregation, compression, processing, output and decoding modules. All modules can be combined freely to provide the desired functionality. This includes the possibility to deliver and convert both analog and digital broadcast services, from point to point, or from point to multipoint and in any format to any screen.


Appear offers two different chassis: the 4RU XC5000 chassis which can hold 16 option modules and the 1RU XC5100 chassis which can hold 6 option modules. In addition, each of the chassis houses a switch and management module that can be equipped with dual IP I/Os. Both chassis variants have dual-redundant and hot-swappable power supplies. Hot-swappable modules allow for various redundancy scenarios.

All Appear modules can be combined into the same chassis. Only chassis space or total throughput will limit the number of modules that can be fitted.

Carrier Grade Platform

Appear’s XC5000 and XC5100 are carrier grade platforms of equal power and versatility. Able to handle intensive processing requirements with built-in automatic routing of signals between modules via the backplane. Both units feature dual-redundant and hot-swappable power supplies, hot-swappable modules and enhanced redundancy options.

Simplicity in Operation

The advanced user-friendly GUI offers intuitive and comprehensive management of the entire system. Alarm on multiple levels, centralized monitoring and easy integration to third-party management systems simplifies deployment and maintenance.

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