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Device management is at the heart of all telecom operations. As your customer base grows, the number of devices that need managing translates into increased workload and operational costs for network operations centers and customer care departments. Apart from increasing operational costs per each new customer, inefficient device management translates to poor customer experience and can reflect badly on company reputation.


AVSystem’s Unified Management Platform (UMP) is an auto configuration server (ACS) for device management. It allows telcos to both automatize the service provisioning processes and effectively solve customer problems.

With UMP, you can manage devices from all vendors, across all technologies (such as FTTx, FWA etc.) and protocols (TR-069 and others) with just one comprehensive platform equipped with an easy-to-navigate user interface.

AVSystem provides telcos and ISPs with more than just best-in-class technology. Having transformed device management for 100+ operators worldwide, we provide expertise in the field. This is why when you choose UMP, we integrate it with all devices and external systems, we deliver all necessary customizations and provide help through comprehensive training and continuous support for your teams.

Experience proves that this eliminates a significant portion of manual operations and makes technical staff onboarding quicker and more cost-efficient. Moreover, our data shows that by introducing UMP you will reduce the number of support calls by 30% and their duration by as much as 50%.


On top of a market-leading ACS, we offer a set of dedicated premium solutions tailored for the following business objectives:

WiFi Optimization

Visualize and monitor WiFi with our innovative algorithm to improve customer experience.

Smart Workflows

Automate your customer care operations with sets of one-click diagnostics and repairs.

Network Quality Management

Improve your NOC fault management with network Topology Map and NetFlow protocol.

Business Router Management

Deliver high SLA for your enterprise clients with a GUI for Cisco, Mikrotik and Juniper routers.

User Services Platform

Enter the IoT and smart home market with Broadband Forum’s newest USP (TR-369) standard.

Fixed Wireless Access

Track wireless signal performance to achieve the highest LTE/5G service quality.

DOCSIS Provisioning

Ensure uniform management of all devices in your HFC infrastructure.

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